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There are large town parking lots located on Barnard and Main Streets, Main Street at Olde Andover Village, and Memorial Hall Library at 2 North Main Street. The Barnard and Olde Andover lots are "pay and display," which was a controversial change from meters. The Memorial Hall Library lot is still metered.

A parking lot for municipal employees was created on Pearson Street in 2011. The 19th century house formerly located on the site at 16 Pearson Street was purchased by Peter and Shirley Schwarz for $9,088. They relocated the historic building to 1 Shaw Drive to make way for the lot. It is the third home the Schwarzes are renovating.

The town's Park and Ride lot on Dascomb Road reopened in 2010 after a renovation and expansion project. It went from 71 spaces to 150 spaces.

...The house at 16 Pearson Street.... click to enlarge


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