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The first town meeting of record in Andover was held in January 1656 to clarify land ownership. Dudley Bradstreet, son of Anne and Simon, was Andover's first Town Clerk. The Andover Select Board voted to implement electronic voting in January of 2023. [1] In 2020, A Town Governance Study Committee was formed to evaluate the possibility of a new form of government for the Town. That committee issued a report in December of 2021 that is publicly available under the title Report of the Town Governance Study Committee The committee recommended that Town Meeting continue to be the form of government for the Town of Andover with a few changes. [2]

In the spring of 2024, Andover resident and former Select Board member formed a group with the purpose of abolishing Town Meeting. The Committee for a New Andover cited "increasingly chaotic" and ineffective Town Meetings. [3]

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