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Borrowing the mutual insurance model from Ben Franklin, Hobart Clark founded the Merrimack Mutual Fire Insurance Company on February 1, 1828. He ran the company for ten years establishing the basis for the Andover Companies.

Clark was born in Sterling, Massachusetts in 1780 and died in Andover in 1870. Although his family was of limited means, he was able to attend Harvard University and then study law. In 1811 he moved to what is now North Andover) and then to Elm Street in Andover. He lead a varied life, as a farmer, original member of the Essex Agricultural Society, a Senator, and a Justice of the Court of Sessions, the first president of the Boston and Maine Railroad, Postmaster of Andover, a trustee of Abbot Academy, and a shareholder of the Christ Episcopal Church.


  • Hobart Clark, First President for the Merrimack Mutual Fire Insurance Company. 1828-1838.

--Eleanor 15:14, August 2, 2012 (EDT)

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