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John Everett Collins was known as Andover's Music Man. Collins was born on Barnard Street (where Dolan's Market once stood) in 1894. A talented singer and athlete, Collins played on the old Andover Royals baseball team as a catcher and left-handed batter. Collins was the first person inducted into both the Andover High School Sports Hall of Fame and the Fine Arts Hall of Fame. He met his wife, Elizabeth Abbot, in high school, class of '14. Collins was in the class of '13.

Collins worked in the rubber shop that is now part of Andover Commons. However, he always loved singing. In 1926, he founded the Andover Male Choir. In the early 1930's he founded the Andover Choral Society, and for decades he directed the choir at the First Calvary Baptist Church. In 1960, he became a choral director for the Andover Schools.

Collins spent 14 years in the legislature, one term on the Andover School Committee and 21 years as selectman. After his wife died, he moved in with his son, Roger, daughter-in-law, Bea, and granddaughter, Nancy.

The Collins Center, named for John Everett Collins, was built in 1983 as an auditorium for Andover High School and a center for the performing arts.


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