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The E.M. Lundgren Funeral Home opened in 1913 at 1 Elm Street according to Andover, A Century of Change, 1896-1996. It moved to 18 Elm Street several years later and was operated by Malcolm E. Lundgren and Donald E. Lundgren (Andover & North Andover Directory 1953). The last time the business is listed in the directory was 1984. The funeral directors at that time were Malcolm E. Lundgren, R. George Caron and John D. Caron.

In 1984, 18 Elm Street became the restaurant, "The Duck of Andover." In 1985, it became "Rembrandt's" restaurant. In 1995, it became Palmers Restaurant ( Palmer's Restaurant). Source: Kathy McKenna, Town Clerk's Office.

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