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The owner of Glory, Adrienne Pappadopoulous, closed the restaurant on July 1, 2011. Pappadopoulous is reopening as Andolini's, an Italian eatery, later in the summer.

Glory is a restaurant located on Essex Street. Originally called the Backstreet Restaurant, Glory became the official name in 1998. It has been owned by Adrienne Sarkisian since 1999. In 2003, Glory was honored on Boston Magazine's "Best of Boston" list with the help of Executive Chef Corinna Mozo.

In 2005, Glory began serving lunch in a separate cafe space and Sunday brunch. Then, in 2006, chef Jose Fuentes replaced Executive Chef Mozo after she decided to leave. Fuentes returned to Glory to be head chef and had served as a sous chef for Mozo while she was there. Also in 2006, Glory began hosting a "Ladies Night" every Thursday with fashion shows featuring the clothing of local shops.

In 2011 Glory closed and reopened as an Italian restaurant called Andolini's.


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  • Glory
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