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Punchard School was razed in 1934 to make way for the construction of an auditorium dedicated to Andover World War I veterans: Memorial Auditorium.

In 1933 Andover needed both a new high school and a new junior high school. The plan was to construct both buildings on the same site and connect them with a common cafeteria, auditorim, and gymnasium. Because money was very tight during the depression, a special town meeting was called for December 11, 1933 to authorize the project. Andover residents voted in favor with the proviso that federal grant funds be secured for the project. The construction was funded as a W.P.A project of the New Deal. 30% of the total was a grant. The remaining 70% was financed with a low cost federal loan.

Eight residents were killed in World War 1; 584 residents served in World War I.


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