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Hughes Pharmacy opened in 1854. The business was originally a jewelry store, located on Central Street, which had started to sell elixirs. The business moved to the West side of Main Street, and, finally, to the Barnard Building at 16 main Street. In 1967 Alan and Rosemary Hughes bought the business. In 1991 Alan died, and Rosemary Hughes ran the pharmacy with the help of a hired pharmacist. It became difficult to pay a pharmacist and also pay the increased leasing costs which were the result of a foreclosure on the Barnard Building. The pharmacy closed in March 1991 and the business was sold to CVS.


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Hughes Pharmacy in 1978 from Andover Townsman, Past and Present December 28, 2006

At the time of this photo, there were three drug stores in downtown Andover: Hughes Pharmacy, Hartigan's Drug Store and Simeone's Drug Store.


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