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The Andover Veterans Office, the Patriotic Holiday Committee and Joan Patrakis authored Andover Veterans Memorials Walking Tour, a handy guide to Veterans Memorials in the downtown area.

The following is a list of War Monuments and Memorials in Andover:

1. Memorial Auditorium, located in the Town Offices & Doherty Middle School complex at 36 Bartlet Street. See

  • "Giant Steps: New entrance underway for downtown's Memorial Auditorium," Andover Townsman, July 23, 2009, p. 1.

2. World War II Monument in "The Park"

  • "Selectmen favor proposal of war monument for park," Eagle Tribune, July 29, 2003.
  • "Town pays tribute to WWII vets: 60 who died in combat immortalized on new memorial," Andover Townsman, June 3, 2004, p. 1.

3. Julius Cieslik Memorial at Cuba Street Playground

4. Warren C. Deyermond Memorial at Deyermond Field

5. Elm Green Memorial, dedicated on November 11, 1995

History of Elm Green Memorial from the dedication ceremony on November 11, 1995.
Elm Green Memorial.

6. Grand Army of the Republic monument in Spring Grove Cemetery

7. American Legion Monument in Spring Grove Cemetery

8. Ed Harris plaque on flagpole in front of Town Offices

9. Joseph A. Horan Bataan & Corregidor Memorial Bridge

10. Vietnam And Korean Wars Memorial on Ballard Green

  • 1002 Andover soldiers served in the Vietnam War; 6 killed
  • 867 Andover soldiers served in the Korean War; 10 killed
  • Dedicated on Novermber 11, 1995


11. Korean War Veterans Memorial Bridge on Stevens Street, dedicated on November 11, 1995

12. World War II Memorial in Free Christian Church

13. World War I cannon in "The Park" See

  • "Congregation Replaces Memorial" , Andover Townsman, June 3, 2004
"Congregation Replaces Memorial" in the Andover Townsman, June 3, 2004..click to enlarge

14. Andover Vietnam War Veterans Memorial See

  • "Memorial Day Unveiling: Vietnam Veterans Memorial", Andover Townsman, May 25, 2006.

15. Revolutionary War Monument

  • 4 1/2 ton boulder
  • bears a plaque with the names of 21 Andover men killed in the Revolutionary War
  • located on the green across from South Church on Central Street
  • the monument was done as part of the town's Bicentennial in 1976


  • "Revolutionary War monument is righted," Lawrence Eagle Tribune, September 19, 2007, p. 1.

16. Captain George L. Street Bridge See

  • "Bridge-naming 'perfect tribute' to Capt. Street," Eagle Tribune, November 20, 2000, p. 1.
  • "George Street's bridge naming official: Honoring the Captain," Andover Townsman, November 22, 2000, p. 2.

17. Korean War Memorial in "the Park," dedicated May 26, 2008

  • About 1200 Andover residents served in the Korean War.
  • A 6ft tall stone will slant down to resemble the Korean Peninsula with a groove for the 38th parallel.
  • The memorial will stand on the southwest section of the Park.


  • "Korean War veterans push monument plan: Unveiling likely six months away," Andover Townsman, December 7, 2007, p. 1.
  • "Korean War veterans get their monument," Eagle Tribune, February 15, 2008. p.1.

18. World War I Cannon in "The Park" See

  • "Did You Notice? The Park's Canon has Moved! Cannon Being Restored," Andover Townsman, November 23, 1994, p. 2, 31.

The following soldiers are memorialized on the Massachusetts Vietnam Memorial Green in Worcester:

  • George H. Belanger USMC - died at age 20 on 12/2/68
  • Joseph Paul Candiano U.S. Army - died at age 19 on 11/12/67
  • George F. Currier U.S. Army - died at age 29 on 11/4/1966
  • Warren C. Deyermond U.S. Army - died at age 20 on 7/14/69
  • Richard A. Gilbreath U.S. Navy - died at age 19 on 7/22/66
  • Brian R. Oconnor USMC - died at age 27 on 1/31/67

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